Student Adjudication Guidelines

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1. Purpose

The purpose of the Puget Sound Chapter Student Adjudications is to offer students of chapter members encouragement towards the preparation of appropriate repertoire, stimulation toward the achievement of vocal and musical growth, the opportunity to sing before qualified judges, and receive constructive criticism and public recognition of musical achievement.

2. Eligibility & Participation


  • Only teachers who are current with National and Chapter dues may enter students.
  • All teachers entering students have a professional obligation to their colleagues to adjudicate and assist in this event. Students of teachers who do not participate will be disqualified.
  • All paper work must by completed and post marked by the deadline for application. An application will be considered incomplete if the accompanist is not listed, repertoire categories are left blank, or student & teacher contact information is not included.
  • Adjudication schedule and times will be emailed to the teachers.
  • Teachers or students should pay fees online through the NATS website.The entry fee is $23.00 per entry. Students entering two categories will pay $43.00.
  • Teachers must be available to assist for the entire event.
  • Teachers may not accompany their own students.  NATS teachers who enter students may not play for any student during the adjudication.
  • Once the schedule is completed, we cannot accommodate changes.


  • Students must be active, current members of the teacher’s studio. If a student has been studying less than eight months with a teacher, acknowledgement of the prior NATS teacher must be made on the application.
  • Students may enter both classical and musical theatre divisions.
  • Students must enter through their NATS teacher. Individual applications will not be accepted.
  • Students will pay their individual entry fee of $23.00 per category to their teacher. If entering both classical and musical theatre, the fee will be $43.00.
  • Memorization: all repertoire must be memorized with the exception of an oratorio selection.  Oratorio arias may be sung with the music.
  • Students cannot be given special time consideration. By entering, it will be assumed you are willing to sing whenever your category is scheduled.
  • Applicants are responsible for securing and paying for their own accompanist.
  • Students are expected to dress in appropriate concert attire.
  • Students are expected to be courteous and supportive of other singers in this event.
  • Students are encouraged to listen to other singers in all categories.

Accompanists and Copyright Laws

  • Performers in NATS sponsored auditions, competitions, recitals and other activities such as workshops, shall perform from lawful editions of music and shall support and obey the law relative to copyright.
  • Accompanists must play from published music. Music that has been downloaded from the internet must be stamped with the provider’s web name, show the name of the student, parent or teacher, and the student must have a receipt.
  • One page of a selection may be photocopied to facilitate a page turn. Copyright means we have no right to copy.
  • Accompanists may not play for more than 25 performers. If a student is singing in two categories that student counts as two performers.
  • Accompanists cannot be given special time considerations. By accepting students to accompany, it is assumed that you will be available whenever those students’ categories are scheduled.
  • The accompanist’s name must be listed on the student registration form. Forms without that information will not be processed.

Adjudication Procedures

  • Teachers will receive their student schedules no later than three weeks prior to the event. Teachers will inform their individual students and accompanists of their performance times.
  • Schedule times will not be changed unless the scheduler has inadvertently double-booked a student or an accompanist.
  • Teachers will be informed as to their judging assignments by email. Teachers unwilling to adjudicate will forfeit their student’s opportunity to perform in this event.
  • On adjudication day, there will be a mandatory meeting for adjudicators and monitors approximately one half hour before the event. At that time, rules and procedures will be explained. It is very important to insure fairness to our students that all of our adjudicators abide by the same rules and standards.
  • Students should arrive at the check-in desk no later than 30 minutes prior to their performance time.
  • Warm up rooms will be available. Students are allowed 10 minutes of warm up time.
  • Students compete by number not name.
  • The student should announce their selections and sing through the entire program. Announcing the first selection only is also acceptable.
  • Students who cannot complete their entire program within the allotted time will still be eligible for prize recognition.
  • 1st, 2nd and honorable mention performances will be posted within 30 minutes of the end of each category.
  • The 1st place singer will be asked to sing at the honors recital.
  • Student evaluations and certificates will be placed in individual teacher’s files. Teachers files will be mailed when the event is complete.
  • Teachers may not judge their current students.
  • There should be no discussion of any of the singers during the entire category until the deliberation process is complete.
  • There should be no discussion with any of the singers following the completion of the category. The adjudication critiques are made on the adjudication forms only and should not be discussed with the singers following the category.


  • Music must be memorized
  • Accompanists must play from published, not copied music
  • Belt and mixed belt are acceptable Musical Theatre techniques but are not required for this adjudication. Belt is not a requirement.
  • The student shall be judged based on how well they manage their chosen repertoire not in preparation for a role.

ALL Young Singer Categories (10 minutes)

Grades 6th, 7th, and 8th: YS,6,7,8 (10 minutes/Competitive Category)

  1. 1 art song, classical song, or folk song
  2. 1 age appropriate musical theatre selection
  3. 1 musical selection of the singer’s choice, examples include: Disney songs, traditional children’s repertoire, orage appropriate folk song or art song. Contemporary pop selections are not allowed (including country and rock songs).

Young Singer 4th and 5th grades: (for certificate of appreciation only)

Any two songs from the YS 6,7,8 requirements

Young Singer K thru 3rd grade (for certificate of appreciation only)

Any two songs from the YS 6,7,8, requirements